How Propify Helps Proptech Startups Expand their Product into New Use Cases

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As a proptech startup, expanding your product into new use cases can be a key factor in driving growth and success. However, building out new features and capabilities can be a complex and time-consuming process. This is where Propify can come in handy.

Broad Set of Supported Endpoints

One of the biggest advantages of using Propify is the ability to support a broad set of endpoints. With Propify, developers can quickly integrate new APIs into their platform, making it easy to launch new features and capabilities. This can help proptech startups stay ahead of the curve and provide value to their clients by expanding their product into new use cases.

Reduced Development Time

Using Propify can also reduce the amount of time and resources needed to develop new features. By leveraging our API, developers can quickly build out new functionality without having to start from scratch. This can help proptech startups stay nimble and respond quickly to changing market demands.

Avoiding Narrow Integrations

Developers frequently build narrow integrations that only support specific features because it can be a faster and more straightforward approach to integrating third-party APIs into their software. When developers build narrow integrations, they can focus solely on the specific features they need to implement and ignore any extraneous functionality. 

Because narrow integrations only support existing use cases, this can limit the ability of proptech startups to expand their product into new markets or offer new services to existing clients. By using Propify, developers can build out more flexible integrations that can support a broad range of use cases with minimal effort.


In conclusion, Propify can be a valuable tool for proptech startups looking to expand their product into new use cases. By providing a broad set of supported endpoints, reducing development time, avoiding narrow integrations, and providing access to new data sources, Propify can help proptech startups stay ahead of the curve and provide value to their clients.

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